Product Comparison

Crossfit / Βαρη

Εμφάνιση: Λίστα Πλέγμα
  • Βαράκια
    με neopren λαβή ..
  • Δισκάκια ολίσθησης
    Δισκάκια ολίσθησης για εκ γύμναση Slider discs for tonification and complete training. Smooth and elegant movements to tonify all muscles. For any kind of floor. ..
  • Ιμάντας αιώρησης με ράουλο
    Training for suspension. Suitable for hard training. You exercise your body controlling the balance. Built all your muscles. Strong aluminium fixed straps. Safety system. ..
  • Λάστιχο εκγύμνασης με λαβές
    Λάστιχο εκ γύμνασης AMAYA, 3 επίπεδα δυσκολίας.   ..
  • Ιμάντας αιώρησης
    Suitable for all kind of suspension exercises. The high-quality padded handles offer more comfort during the training. The straps can resist until 4000 kg. For indoor and outdoor activities. Door anchorage included. The inferior straps can be used separately. Adjustable, functional, resistant, comfo..
  • Competition Kettlebell
    Όργανα για crossfit   Crossfit competition kettlebells. All in the same size regardless the weight. 29 cm high, 18 cm diameter. Grip: 32 mm thick. 550 660 Competition Kettlebells 8 kg. 550 662 Competition Kettlebells 10 kg. 550 664 Competition Kettlebells 12 kg. 550 666 Competition ..